Gina Rosenthal

Founder | Technology Influencer | Educator | Entreprenuer

Gina Rosenthal founded Digital Sunshine Solutions in 2019, creating an agency that provides fractional product marketing services to B2B technology vendors. She works with traditional software vendors as well as startups in the enterprise infrastructure spaces, helping them tell their story in a way that connects to their audiences.

Gina has a track record of innovating from within large organizations. She helped start social media marketing at EMC and later at Dell. She was one of the first to present SaaS concepts to traditional data center audiences. And at VMware, she created an internal community of experts who were working on AI projects.

She has a knack of knowing where the puck is going, and uses her training in education to create content and community to get everyone skating in the right direction.

You can find her on LinkedIn, Mastodon, Tech Field Day events, and the Digital Sunshine Solutions Blog talking about current technology, product marketing, and AI.

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