S1E10: Marketers are the unsung heroes of technology evolution

When new technologies gain critical mass, the story of success is always focused on the technology and the engineering that went into its development. However, most successful technologies gain acceptance through the guidance of a skilled marketer. However, he or she rarely gets her well-deserved recognition. We know that marketers are the unsung heroes of tech evolution. 

Our guest

Brian Whitaker

During his corporate career, Brian worked on regional and global marketing for a wide range of alliances, data center technologies, and professional services. He has worked in the U.S. and Europe, led the marketing execution for a billion-dollar acquisition, and still gets excited by compelling technologies that support business transformation.

He’s been immersed in technology marketing since 2005 and is currently the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Zettabyte Content, an Austin-based content marketing consulting firm with 20+ years of industry expertise. Zettabye Content helps B2B technology leaders tell their stories in a world that’s obsessed with data, consumed by noise, and bored by dull marketing.

You can engage Zettabyte Content at https://zbcontent.com

You can follow Brian on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/brianewhitaker/

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