S1E3: Episode 2: What do we need to know about ChatGPT

n our first technology episode, we set the table to talk more about AI. Since ChatGPT is the new hotness, let’s discuss what it is, what it can do, and some of the drawbacks so we have a reference point to discuss other generative AI tools.

Show notes:

  1. What is ChatGPT? We talk very high level about how generative AI tools work. GPT = generative pretrained transformer, so this is a pretty cool technical innovation. It’s not a magical mystical new tool. We keep it high level, but we talk about the components of an AI application to ground our future discussions about AI.
  2. We talk about some of the things ChatGPT can do well.
  3. We cover some of the unintended consequences of rushing to use AI on everything.
  4. You have to review the output of generative AI tools. What was the tool trained to do? What is  the environmental impact of running the compute required to train these models?  More importantly, how are the humans who do the hard work of cleaning the dataset treated?
  5. Should you be afraid of ChatGPT?

We don’t have a guest for this episode, but it will set the stage for the other technical episodes that we have planned. Please let us know what you think about ChatGPT on Techaunties.com or Instagram.

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