S1E5: AI Basics with Professor Wondernerd

Is AI is the killer app that came from the most recent round of digital transformation? If it is, what are the components of an AI workload? Let’s talk AI basics.

Our guest for this episode is Tony Foster. He’s a Sr. Principal Technical marketing engineer at Dell Technologies, an adjunct professor of Technology at Kansas State University, or simply the WonderNerd! He describes himself as a VDI/EUC and GPU fanatic bringing Deep Learning, Machine Learning, AI, and HPC to the virtual world.

Show outline/notes

  • Welcome & Introducing Tony Foster, AKA Professor WonderNerd.
  • What is AI? Can you explain some AI basics
  • What components are necessary to build AI?
  • Can you give us an example of AI?
  • Are there things being called AI that are actually not AI (ChatGPT)?
  • Should we be afraid of AI?

You can connect with Tony on LinkedIn, on Twitter, and on his website, Wondernerd.net.

Here are the slides from our VMworld Session.

Neural Network zoo

Free resources and model zoos for DL

The grandma exploit explained

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