S1E6: Accepting the unacceptable standard

For all the focus we give innovation in corporate strategies, it’s clear that the new method of innovation is in the startup world. We live in an age where most large companies have a venture department that works to build a pipeline of innovative solutions for later acquisition or investment. However, statistics show that 75% of venture-backed startups fail. Is this an acceptable standard for innovation investment? How do we stop accepting the unacceptable standard?

What can we do as marketing professionals to change the status quo? Join us as we discuss the journey from corporate professional to founder with our guest Nishita Roy-Pope.

Nishita Roy-Pope 

Nishita Roy-Pope has a long and distinguished bio. She possesses 15+ years of experience working in high impact leadership roles in the tech and non-profit sectors. Nishita thrives in roles where she can innovate new models, products or programs to address unmet gaps.

She is currently Founder and CEO of two quickly growing ventures:

  • WorldRoo: an ed-tech start-up focused on empowering children to build key early learning skills, including STEM, and develop an appreciation for diversity and global cultures.
  • Tribe Academy: a company focused on training, coaching and connecting motivated, diverse talent with leading corporations, including Fidelity Investments, Dell Technologies, Amica Insurance and Nike.

Nishita is also a TEDx speaker – her engaging talk is titled, “Channel Your Kid Courage”. And recipient of many awards:

  • Rhode Island 40 Under 40 Winner
  • Rhode Island PBN Woman to Watch in Tech Winner
  • ATHENA Leadership Award® Winner and
  • Top Social Media Voice at Dell Technologies.
  • She has 7K+ social media followers and has been featured by LinkedIn multiple times for her inspiring and engaging content.

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Show notes: Accepting the unacceptable standard

  • Let’s discuss the standards or myths of innovation
    • Corporate innovation vs. startup innovation
    • Funding for innovation in corporate vs. funding in VC
    • Funding for women vs funding for men
  • Do marketers have power to change the status quo, or must we accept the unacceptable standard?
    • Can we change the system from within the system?
    • Skills needed to start your own business
    • Can you do it while you are working?
    • How do you prepare while you are still working?
  • Marketing as a method of change
    • While much of your career has been in operations, you are a born marketer (and trained) How would you leverage marketing to change this current system?
    • Do you think marketing is part of the problem?
  • Adventures in venture
    • What advice would you give to people who have an idea and are planning to approach venture capitalists?
    • Is it different for women vs men?
    • Do you believe the venture standard is working?
    • What 2 or 3 things would you change if you could and how?

Other notes

Venture statistics: 90% of startups fail, 75% of venture backed startups fail

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