S1E8: Marketing is magic and technical!

When marketers are left to create, they deliver results that seem magical. But, marketing is magic, and technical! The allure of a great marketing campaign hides all the technical skill that was required to achieve the result…but that’s the objective.

So is marketing more than just fluffy? Join us as we explore the technical side of marketing and how the best marketers create the illusion of ease. 

Show notes for Marketing is magic and technical

  • Introductions (home brewed beer!)
  • SEO challenges, intent-driven marketing, disruption in google
  • Strategies to determine intent for SEO and marketing
  • How do you help clients who haven’t done the work required for intent and SEO strategies?
  • What is the spilt between creative work vs technical work?
  • Who needs a marketer who is technical?
  • Do the new digital marketing tools make things more efficient or do they give marketers too many signals?
  • Markets are conversations.

This week’s guest: Michael Pope

Our guest for this episode is Michael Pope. 

Germany born. Florida raised. Michael designs, builds and implements solutions for the web. When not spending time with his amazing family, he is hiking all of the things, brewing “drinkable” beer, playing soccer or building PCs. 

Michael had great insights on how marketing is magic and technical.

You can find Michael at:  



Instagram: @somethingkiller 

Twitter: @somethingkillr 

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