S2E2: Customer Data: Our Opportunity & Responsibility

Customer data is a great opportunity for marketing professionals but it’s also a great responsibility. Join us and our guest Meg Ugenti as we explore the many ways we can use customer data while maintaining customer privacy. 

Run of Show

  • Intros
  • Evolution from traditional direct mail marketing –> eCommerce –> AI-driven direct marketing
  • Definition of on-demand direct mail campaigns
  • Types of segmentation (1st party data, 2nd party data, 0 party data, etc)
  • Value of negative marketing spaces.
  • What tools are available to assess the negative spaces?
  • What are the opportunities for brands to be more interactive with their customers?
  • What about data privacy and GDPR?
  • What is data exhaustion?

Meg Ugenti, Corporate Director of Marketing, Focus USA

Meg refers to herself as a data geek, millennial marketer, and a female C-Level executive who specializes in helping companies connect to their audience. Using data intelligence that benefits her clients’ online and offline marketing channels, she has built and sustained long-term strategic marketing programs across automotive, healthcare, insurance, e-commerce, and consumer goods verticals. Additionally, Meg has established long-term relationships and successful acquisition programs with internationally recognized brands, wholesale agency partners, and small-medium business owners. She is not only responsible for building strategic marketing programs for her clients, but for her company, Focus USA.

Meg is also the founder and host of the Coffee & Conversions video podcast. And Board Member of the Marketing Club of NY.

You can follow Meg on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/megcookfocus/

You can follow her video blog, Coffee & Conversions at this link: https://www.focus-usa.com/coffee-conversions/

The upcoming Coffee & Conversions series discussing connected TV begins on October 18th. You can register on the Coffee & Conversions website.

Information on the Marketing Club of New York can be found here:

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